Chessle - Play Online Chess + Wordle Game

Chessle combines the intrigue of chess with the deduction challenge of a guessing game. In this cerebral pastime, players strive to decipher hidden sequences of chess moves through strategic placement and deduction.

How to Play:

Chessle presents players with a virtual chessboard, and a sequence of chess moves hidden from view. Your objective is to uncover this sequence within six attempts. Each attempt allows for three moves per player, adhering to the standard rules of chess.

  • Strategize: Analyze the board and contemplate your moves carefully. You must plan three consecutive moves for both white and black pieces.
  • Placement: Begin by moving the white pieces according to your strategy. Then, make corresponding moves for the black pieces.
  • Submission: Once your moves are set, submit your arrangement. The game will then provide feedback based on the accuracy of your moves.
  • Interpret Hints: Pay close attention to the colored hints provided after each submission. Green indicates a correct placement, yellow suggests a correct move but in a different direction, and gray signifies an incorrect move.
  • Iterate and Improve: Utilize the feedback from each attempt to refine your strategy in subsequent rounds. With each guess, you'll hone in on the elusive sequence of moves.
  • Victory: Successfully deduce the hidden sequence within the allotted attempts to emerge victorious in Chessle.


Can I move pieces freely, or are there restrictions?
Players must adhere to the standard rules of chess when making their moves. Illegal moves will not be accepted.
How many attempts do I have to uncover the hidden sequence?
Players have six attempts to decipher the sequence of moves.
What do the colored hints represent?
Green hints indicate correct placements, yellow hints signify correct moves but in a different direction, and gray hints indicate incorrect moves.