Flagle: Guess the Flag

Flagle is an engaging game designed to challenge your geographical knowledge. With each round, you're presented with a mystery country's flag, and it's up to you to decipher which nation it represents. But here's the twist: you only have six attempts to crack the puzzle. For every incorrect guess, you'll gradually unveil more of the concealed flag. Plus, you'll receive helpful geographical hints to aid your deduction. Can you identify the flag of a random country within six attempts?

How to Play:

  • Make Your First Guess: Start by selecting any country from the provided list that you think might match the hidden flag.
  • Decipher Geographical Clues: After your initial guess, pay close attention to the hints regarding the direction and distance between the chosen country and the target one. These clues will help you refine your subsequent guesses.
  • Enter Subsequent Guesses: Based on the geographical cues provided, input your next guesses. The distance indicator will give you an idea of how far you are from the target country, while the arrow will guide you towards the general direction to search for the correct nation.
  • Keep Trying: You have a total of six attempts to correctly guess the country. With each incorrect guess, another segment of the flag will be revealed until you finally unveil the complete emblem.


How many tries do I get in Flagle?
You have six tries to guess the country's flag correctly.
What happens if I guess incorrectly?
For every incorrect guess, a part of the hidden flag will be revealed until the entire flag is displayed.
Are there any hints provided in the game?
Yes, you'll receive geographical clues about the target country's location to assist you in making more informed guesses.