Polygonle - Decipher the Hidden Word

Polygonle challenges players with a unique word puzzle experience. Each game presents a sequence of polygons, representing letters in a hidden word. The number of polygons corresponds to the length of the word, with similar polygons indicating identical letters. Your task is to deduce the word by placing the correct letters in their respective polygon positions. Pay attention to color cues and shapes to crack the daily Polygonle in just six attempts!

How to Play:

Enter Word: Start by entering any word of the desired length using the on-screen keyboard. The number of polygons matches the number of letters in the hidden word.

  • Match Letters: Assign the same letters to points with identical polygons, while using different letters for distinct polygons.
  • Interpret Cues: Consider the shape, color, and position of the polygons. For instance, yellow and red triangles signify different letters.
  • Receive Hints: After each guess, receive colored hints indicating the accuracy of letter placement. Green denotes correct letters in the correct position, yellow indicates correct letters in the wrong position, and gray signifies letters absent from the word.
  • Limited Attempts: You have six attempts to decipher which polygon corresponds to each letter and successfully solve the daily Polygonle puzzle!


What makes Polygonle different from other word games?
Polygonle offers a refreshing twist on traditional word puzzles by integrating geometric elements. Players must decode words while navigating through polygon icons, adding an extra layer of challenge and intrigue.
Is Polygonle suitable for all ages?
Yes, Polygonle caters to a wide audience. It provides a stimulating exercise for those seeking a break from conventional word games and can also serve as an educational tool for children, helping them associate language with geometric shapes.
Can I play Polygonle with friends and family?
Absolutely! Polygonle encourages social gameplay. Gather your loved ones and enjoy unraveling the daily word together, fostering collaboration and fun.