Countryle - The Ultimate Geography Challenge

Countryle is the perfect game for those eager to flex their mental muscles and embark on a daily journey around the globe. Each day presents a new challenge: guessing the mystery country. It's an intellectual geography quiz designed to keep you engaged and entertained.

How to Play:

To begin, simply type the name of the country you think is being hinted at in the ribbon located at the bottom of your screen. Your first attempt is blind, without any hints to guide you. But fear not, as the game unfolds, prompts and clues will start appearing on the screen to steer you in the right direction.

ext to your guessed country name, you'll notice hints categorized by colors. Green signifies information specific to the mystery country, while yellow indicates you're getting warmer, and red warns you're far off the mark. Additionally, up and down arrows offer clues about whether your guess is too high or too low.

The game provides you with six categories of hints: hemisphere and continent, average temperature, population, and coordinates. Utilize these clues to narrow down your options and pinpoint the mystery country. For an added challenge, navigate around the map using directional arrows to explore neighboring countries and refine your guess.

Your mission is to crack the code and correctly identify the mystery country in as few attempts as possible. Keep track of your progress in the statistics section, which logs your games, victories, and overall success rate. Challenge yourself to improve your performance and conquer the geography quiz like a true champion.


How many attempts do I get to guess the mystery country?
There's no limit on attempts, but aim to solve it in as few tries as possible to boost your score.
Can I play Countryle on different devices?
Yes, Countryle is accessible on various devices, allowing you to continue your geography adventure anytime, anywhere.