Crosswordle: A Unique Twist on Word Puzzles

Crosswordle merges the classic Crossword with the contemporary Wordle, offering a free-to-play challenge where players complete a grid by correctly placing letters to form intersecting words while managing their limited swap stock.

How to Play:

In Crosswordle:

  • Green letters indicate correct placement.
  • Yellow letters signify correct letters but in the wrong position.
  • Grey letters indicate incorrect placement.

To solve the puzzle, players must strategically swap letters to turn them all green, bearing in mind the limited number of swaps available.

Crosswordle offers two engaging game modes:

  • Daily Mode: A new puzzle is available each day with no retries.
  • Practice Mode: Endless puzzles for training, with immediate starts upon completion.


Can I replay a Daily Mode puzzle if I fail?
No, Daily Mode puzzles cannot be replayed once failed. Players must wait for the next day's puzzle.
Is there a limit to the number of Practice Mode puzzles I can play?
No, players can enjoy endless puzzles in Practice Mode to enhance their skills.
How are stars earned in Crosswordle?
Stars are earned based on the number of swaps left after completing a puzzle. Higher stars are awarded for fewer swaps used.
Can I share my Daily Mode streak with friends?
Yes, you can share your Daily Mode streak with friends to compete and compare scores.