Hurdle - Play online Game

Every day presents a new quintet of word puzzles, each with a unique challenge to test your vocabulary and deductive reasoning. Will you conquer all five hurdles and cross the ultimate finish line? Keep your wits sharp and dive into this daily lexical adventure that promises to keep you engaged and entertained.

How to Play:

Hurdle invites players into a world of words with a daily puzzle series that intensifies with each step. The objective? Discover the secret five-letter word in each of the first four puzzles using up to six attempts. Feedback for each guess comes in colors: green for correct letters in their right positions, yellow for right letters in the wrong spots, and gray for incorrect letters.

Successfully deciphered words become your stepping stones, serving as the initial guesses for the subsequent puzzle. The climax of your journey pits you against the final puzzle, where the words you’ve uncovered act as your initial clues, and you're granted just two chances to unveil the last word and achieve victory.


How often are new puzzles available?
New puzzles are released daily, ensuring a fresh challenge awaits you every day.
What happens if I don't solve a puzzle?
If you're stumped by a puzzle, you can try again the next day when a new set is available. Practice and persistence are key.
Is Hurdle free to play?
Yes, Hurdle is designed to be accessible and free for everyone looking to test their word puzzle-solving skills.
Can I play previous days' puzzles?
Typically, only the current day's puzzle is available to maintain the challenge and excitement of daily play.