Sqwordle - Uncover the Mystery Pokémon

Embark on an adventure to uncover the hidden mysteries of the original Pokémon series, Generation 1, in Sqwordle. This captivating word game challenges you to decipher the identity of a secret Pokémon within just six attempts. Harness the power of deduction, intuition, and your knowledge of classic Pokémon to emerge victorious.

How to Play:

In Sqwordle, your mission is clear: identify the elusive Generation 1 Pokémon concealed within the game's parameters. With each guess you make, the game provides invaluable feedback, guiding you closer to the ultimate revelation.

Utilize the Evolution Tree (EvC) clue to determine if your guess shares the same evolutionary lineage as the mystery Pokémon.

Analyze clues relating to key statistics such as attack, defense, and weight to refine your guesses further.

Beware! After each guess, the mystery Pokémon retaliates with a signature move, providing additional hints about its identity.

As you progress, Sqwordle adapts to your guesses, utilizing machine learning to narrow down the possibilities from the vast Pokédex. Can you outsmart the game and unveil the hidden Pokémon within the allotted attempts?


How many attempts do I have to guess the Pokémon?
You have six attempts to correctly identify the mystery Pokémon.
Are there any consequences for wrong guesses?
No, there are no consequences for incorrect guesses. Use each attempt to gather more information and refine your strategy.
Can I play Sqwordle on different difficulty levels?
Currently, Sqwordle offers a single difficulty level, challenging players of all skill levels to test their Pokémon knowledge.