Framed - Unravel the Movie Mystery

Dive into the world of cinematic puzzles with Framed, the addictive game that challenges players to decipher the title of a mystery movie using visual clues. With over 1 million daily players, Framed has emerged as a top-choice entertainment option for movie buffs and puzzle enthusiasts alike.

How to Play:

In Framed, players are presented with an enigmatic image related to a movie. Using their knowledge of films or keen observation skills, they must deduce the movie's title by entering keywords into a white box. With each guess, players receive feedback to guide them towards the correct answer.

If a guess is incorrect, a new image from the movie is revealed, providing additional hints. However, players must solve the puzzle within six attempts. Quick thinking and accuracy are essential to achieve high scores in Framed.

At the end of the game, the movie's title is unveiled along with the player's completion time and results. Whether you win or lose, Framed offers a fun and engaging experience, with the option to share your achievements with friends.


Where can I play Framed?
Framed is available for free on the web, accessible from any browser on various electronic devices such as smartphones, tablets, or computers. The game is updated daily at noon, featuring a new movie to decipher each day.
What are some tips for playing Framed?
  • Watch a variety of movies to enhance your ability to recognize film details.
  • Pay close attention to characters and scenes depicted in the images.
  • Utilize online resources to search for character names or related keywords if you're stuck.
  • Combine your knowledge and observational skills to make accurate predictions based on the given clues.
Should I try Framed?
Absolutely! Framed offers a captivating gameplay experience that challenges your movie knowledge and puzzle-solving skills. Whether you're looking for entertainment or a way to unwind, Framed delivers with its daily dose of cinematic mysteries.