Octordle - Play online game

Octordle is a brand new version of Wordle, designed for players seeking an even greater challenge in the word-guessing genre. Developed by Kenneth Crawford, Octordle presents the ultimate test by requiring players to guess not just one, two, or four, but a whopping eight five-letter words in each game. With up to 13 attempts allowed, players must navigate through eight independent grids, each dedicated to a single word.

In essence, Octordle amplifies the multitasking aspect of Wordle, offering a more complex and rewarding gameplay experience. Despite the increased difficulty, the rules remain consistent with Wordle's familiar color-coding system and 5-letter English dictionary words.

How to Play:

Entering the world of Octordle demands strategic thinking and adaptability. Follow these steps to maximize your chances of success:

  • Choose Your Starting Grid Wisely: Begin by selecting a grid to focus on. This initial choice sets the tone for your gameplay, so prioritize grids with the most promising letter combinations.
  • Act Quickly: Once you've identified a potential word, enter it promptly to avoid getting caught in a situation where remaining attempts are insufficient to explore all grids.
  • Stay Flexible: If you hit a dead end on one grid, don't hesitate to switch focus to another word. Scan each grid regularly for new clues and adjust your strategy accordingly.


What makes Octordle different from Wordle?
Octordle challenges players to guess eight five-letter words simultaneously, whereas Wordle focuses on a single word. Additionally, Octordle offers two game modes and presents a more complex gameplay experience.
How many attempts do I get in Octordle?
Players have up to 13 attempts to guess the eight five-letter words in Octordle.
Can I play Octordle on mobile devices?
Yes, Octordle is compatible with most mobile devices and can be accessed through web browsers.