Hondo: The Word Guessing Game

Hondo is a thrilling word guessing game designed to challenge your vocabulary and strategic thinking. Your goal is to reach 100 points, known as a "Hondo," by correctly guessing five-letter code words. With each correct guess, you earn points, but beware, incorrect guesses drain your energy. Can you achieve the coveted Hondo and master the game?

Guess wisely to conserve your energy. Every incorrect guess depletes your energy gauge, but a correct guess replenishes it. Utilize special abilities like Shuffle and Skip strategically to enhance your chances of success.

Keep an eye on the colored hints and use logic to deduce the code word. Remember, consecutive correct guesses earn you bonus points, so aim for streaks to maximize your score.

How to Play:

Your journey in Hondo begins with a five-letter code word, where each letter is represented by a colored hint. Uncolored letters are not part of the code word. As you make guesses, the last five remain on the board, providing clues for your next attempt.


What is the objective of Hondo?
Your objective is to score 100 points (a Hondo) by correctly guessing five-letter code words. The game challenges you to employ logic, strategy, and a bit of luck to achieve this feat.
How do special abilities work?
Hondo offers two special abilities: Shuffle and Skip. Shuffle replaces the board with five new random guesses, providing fresh clues for your next attempt. Skip allows you to get a new code word, helping you bypass challenging guesses. Each ability consumes energy but doesn't count as a guess, allowing you to maintain streaks.
What makes Hondo different from other word games like Wordle?
While both games involve guessing five-letter words, Hondo features continuous gameplay with old guesses and code words serving as hints for new challenges. Additionally, Hondo offers special abilities to aid players, adding layers of strategy and excitement.
Is Hondo accessible to players with color vision deficiency?
Hondo prioritizes accessibility by underlining exact letters, ensuring players with color vision deficiency can distinguish between hints effectively. While a specific colorblind mode isn't provided, the game's design aims to accommodate all players.
How can players achieve a perfect game in Hondo?
A perfect game in Hondo entails scoring 100 points in just 14 consecutive correct guesses. This achievement demands a blend of luck, strategic use of abilities, and keen observation of hints. It's a challenging feat that showcases a player's mastery of the game.
Who developed Hondo and why?
Hondo was crafted by Josh Collinsworth, a passionate software engineer with a love for games. He created the game for personal enjoyment and opted against monetization, focusing solely on delivering an enjoyable experience for players.